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How Timeshares 'Going Green' Can Save You Some Green!

Posted by Ryan Pittman on Oct 4,2017

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) announced recently that many of their timeshare industry members were making a conscious effort to Go Green. Below are 6 resorts that take pride in their community, and want to make it a better place; not just now, but for the future generations. Timeshares RecycleFranz Hanning, the President and CEO of Wyndham Vacation Club and ARDA Chairman, recently stated this in his blog article: "I firmly believe that our industry is a leader when it comes to 'going green.' Re-using and recycling to avboid waste and pollution in addition to adding in-unit energy efficient and water-saving devices are at the forefront of new timeshare construction and renovations around the world." He goes on to state that if they continue to incorporate and expand on these practices into the future, they will be the key to the timeshare industry's success!

Marriott Vacation Club

The Marriott Vacation Club just recently announces that they will parner up with Clean The World, which is a group that recycles partially used soap and other toiletries from various resorts in the United States. They then distribute newly made soap and toiletry kits to underprivledged communities that lack these very basic, necessary items. "Marriott Vacation Club, our first timeshare partner, is a prime example of the true committment we witness among our partners with regards to sustainability and social responsibility," said Shawn Siepler, the CEO and co-founder of Clean The World . Of course Mr. Siepler is greatful for all of the help from the timeshare community. A statrling statistic that Clean The World released was that approximately 9,000 children die each year from various disenases and ifections due to a lack of proper hygiene. Marriott RecyclingMost of these children could be saved just by using soap to bathe with. In just two months, 500 Marriott Vacation Club Owner Services assocaites located in Salt Lake City have alone donated 16,918 bars of new soap! Also, so far 43 Marriott Vacation Club resorts have participated in the campaign and have noted over 9,800 pounds of soap and 6,100 pounds of bottle amenities. Thanks to all their hard work and dedication, there have been more than 52,500 clean bars of soap and hygiene kits that have been shipped over to 55 different countries. By donating all of this, it also elimated what would be eight tons of waste from landfills across the country!

Bluegreen Wildeness Club at Big Cedar

It is no secret that Bluegreen Vacations like to "Go Green!" They have been recognized for using only supplies in their timeshares that have been made from only recyclable materials. Toronto RecycleAdditionally, they set up their guest rooms with a master switch that will completely cut off the unit's power when it is not occupied. Also, at their Hammock Marathon resort, they always use non-toxic cleaning supplies that are environmentally friendly. They participate in a linen re-use program and discuss environmewntal issues at the employee meetins in order to bring awareness to the problem. 

Grand Pacific Resort Management

This Californian Management Company offers 15 resorts for over 50,000 owner families in the U.S. and Canada who started a "Going Green Squard" which is a group that is completely dedicated to being environmentlaly friendly. An example of this would be the Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort single-handedly collected a thousand bottles that were on their way to landfills and gave them to an artist who turns them into art!

Wyndham Vacation Ownership

This resort is known for its appreciation of nature becuase they support the Arbor Day Foundation by serving Arbor Day ocffee, which is organically grown in the rainforest. Every cup they serve protects the trees, and also helps the local farmers earn a fair wage and recieve an education and have access to healthcare. Wyndham Million Tree ProjectTo date, Wyndham Vacation Ownership has purchased over 28 million square feet of the rainforest. In additrion, Wyndham Vacation Ownership has launched the Wyndham Million Tree Project, which is an initiative that strives to plant one million trees throughout the U.S. national orests in order to help replace trees that were destroyed in forest fires across the nation, Wyndham also uses Eartherapy personal productions, which is an environmentally friendly company that uses biodegradable packaging. 

Orange Lake Resort

Orange Lake rececenlty implemented a resort-wide recycling program which prvides guests with green bags in their villas that help organize where the paper, plastic, metal and glass products need to be recycled at. According to Orange Lake's partners, Waste Mangement, the recycling program has alredy saves 208 cubic yards of lanfill! This "go green" idea was first introduced in 2011 at one resort, and then suscessfully implemented resort-wide in 2012. The resort has also saved 258,576 kw-hours of electricity, 357,000 gallons of water, and 1,224 gallons of gasoline per quarter. The resort produced a video for their guests that explain what a positive impact recycling has onthe world.

Interval International

Singapore's staff previously participated in the International Coastal Cleanup Day on Sigapore's East Coast. Even with the intense heat, the volunteers gatehred 614 pounds of trash and subsequently cleared an entire mile of coastline!Interval International Beach Cleanup The International Coast Cleanup is an event that takes place annually in more than 70 different countries. The basis of the program is to collect data on and move debris from the shorelines, waterways, and beaches all over the world.

Saving You Some Green

Not only does the Timeshare industry going green help the environment, but it also helps your wallet! By being conscious about helping out the community and world, timeshares indavertently are saving money when it comes to your maitenance fees. Becuase they aren't wasting water and electricity, those monthly bills are way lower than they would be if timeshares were not participating in protecting the Earth. Next time you visit your timeshare resort, ask what environmentally-friendly projects they participate in and how you can help!

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