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5 Reasons to Sell Your Timeshare Now

Posted by Lucianna Ramos on Nov 13,2018
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Vacation ownership continues to be a popular alternative to traditional vacations. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder frequent travelers all over the world are opting to purchase timeshares. But even though the industry is growing for the eighth straight year in a row, some vacation owners may find that their timeshare no longer fits their lifestyles or travel needs. If you find yourself making the decision to sell your timeshare, here’s why now is a great time to do list your property on the resale market.

Copy of 5 reasons to sell your timeshare now (1)1) The Industry saw 9.6 billion in sales in 2017.

Timeshares are still a hot commodity. With more travelers than ever opting to buy into vacation ownership resorts, the industry is growing each year. The growth of the timeshare industry means there are a lot of people interested in buying timeshares. The health of the industry as a whole means listing your property on the resale market should be a key part of your timeshare exit strategy.

2) Confidence in the resale market is growing.

The general US economy is currently on the upswing. More people feel confident about the economy and are spending money on luxury items such as timeshare properties. Consumer confidence is high and it shows. Timeshare sales are also projected to rise in the next four years. Simply put, a better economy means more potential buyers for your timeshare.

3) You can rent while you wait for a buyer.

Over 86 percent of resorts now offer some type of rental program and over 10 million nights are rented each year. That means making your timeshare available to rent while you are on the market for a buyer is a wise move. Timeshares Only can help you place your vacation ownership on the rental market.

4) Vacation ownership is appealing to more people than ever before.

With the US economy going strong, the timeshare industry on the rise and traditional travel costs skyrocketing, it’s no wonder a wider variety of people are now opting to purchase timeshares. Research shows that new owners are now younger, richer and come from a more diverse set of backgrounds than ever before. That means you have a great chance to sell your property to a buyer that can enjoy it for decades to come.

 5) Selling can be easy.

Selling your timeshare can seem like a daunting process at first glance. Finding the right company to market your vacation ownership interest can be a difficult task. Some red flags to watch out for are companies that charge high upfront fees before you can list your property and do not have a large marketplace. Make sure a company is a member of ARDA, the American Resort Development Association. Do your research before deciding on a company to assist you with your timeshare sale.

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